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Question Authority, The: Who?

(A Barogue's Gallery)

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all-singing, all-dancing
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Question Authority, the
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Question Authority, The (Panorama View)
Joseph ZittDebi Tannenbaum Fran Carris
Tim ClowardRic Speed Tim Wood

Joseph ZittJoseph Zitt has created theatre, poetry, and musical works performed throughout the USA. His publications include Shekhinah: The Presence and Partial Requiem, both from Metatron Press. He has performed his theater, poetry, dance, video, and musical works throughout Texas with the Human Systems Performance Group and coordinated gallery exhibits of computer and video poetry. His interactive text system, RAVE, has been used in poetry exhibits and at communal dance events. His musical works and theatre scores have been performed in New York, Texas, and Washington and published in Ear Magazine. He currently designs Internet applications in Dallas, TX, and is a writer and designer for the Dallas arts monthly The Word.

Fran CarrisFran Carris is a visual/performance artist. She has a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas in Art and Performance and is finishing an MA in Humanities there. Recent poetry/multi-media credits include featuring at Club Dada in "Words in Motion" and featuring at Justine's Milam gallery for the "Apart from Art" series. Poetry video credits include "Manifesto" and "Ignition". Other video credits include "Lady in the Dark" shown at the Dallas Video Festival and the San Antonio Museum of Art. Recent performance credits include a part in "DecaForms '96". She is a member of C. J. Critt's "Angry Girl Sextet". When she grows up she wants to retire from the telephone company.

Ric SpeedRic Speed, nee Kenric Dalton A History, by Decades:

1945-1954: Leading edge of Baby Boom, Army brat; Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and most belovedly, Colorado.
1955-1964: 'Reign of Terror' of adolescence at Highland Park Jr. High, nerd at Hillcrest High, naive frosh at Denver U, then U.T. (The University)
1965-1974: Timberlawn (while insurance $ lasts), back to Austin for hippie years, San Francisco Summer of Love, back to Austin for First True Love, then First Devastating Breakup. Played in Austin Jug Band (on Drag in front of the Co-Op)
1975-1984: Finish Math degree, back to Dallas for Real World Job as Programmer. Dull but productive (Productive but dull) period.
1985-199?: Sons of Bob, Poetry Circus, video (computer generated or processed) for Dallas Video Festival & Cable Access, Dancing Tongue, late and wonderful marriage, and now: Question Authority, the.

Debi TannenbaumDebi Tannenbaum has a BSC from the University of Miami in Motion Picture Production and Graphic Design/Illustration and is currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas, studying computer animation. She has authored nine children's books. Her poem "Silence Is" appears on the official 1995 Austin International Poetry Festival cassette.

Tim ClowardTim Cloward has been practicing the poet's trade in Dallas since the early eighties. The founder of the poetry/performance troupe Dancing Tongue, he has previously worked with the highly-acclaimed Poetry Circus group, as well as with Robert Rodriguez's new music ensemble Musica Nova and with Fred Curchak in the 1991 Art-O-Rama performance at the Dallas Museum of Art. He has read his work extensively, opening shows for Henry Rollins and John Cale, and performed at venues as diverse as the Richland College Literary Festival, Houston's Lawndale Art Annex, and Deep Ellum's Club Clearview. His work has been seen in a number of regional publications and he, along with Patty Turner and David Davis, published the chapbook Three Dallas Poets in 1986. Tim holds an M.A. in the Arts and Humanities from UTD and has taught at a number of local colleges and universities.

Tim WoodTim Wood's work is usually described simply by calling on names of some of the more surrealistic and bizarre figures in the twentieth century. Poet Sam Modica raised the name of Dali. Christopher Soden, Director of the Dallas Poets Community, introduced Tim's poetry at the 1995 Autumn Equinox Poetry Gala as "a fusion between Laurie Anderson and George Orwell." He later amended his comments in a review of Mr. Wood's book Voices: "After reading Voices: painting with words, I stand by that diagnosis, with perhaps a bit of Rod Serling thrown into the mix." The strange juxtaposition of names is amplified by his range of work. Besides "literary" and "performance" poetry, he has developed poetry videos and edits the Dallas Arts magazine, the Word. Such a range, points beyond what reviewer Dick Sevrens calls the late twentieth century's "cacophony of harshness and hypocrisy, punctuated by blips of interpersonal and militarist violence." The surreal begs that we move beyond that harshness and hypocrasy. The poet's role as visionary and antenna points out that while we're stuck in the absurdity, there are supreme moments of irony and humor. There are the moments of redemption or at least release.

Peggy Lamb has been a key member of the Dallas performance community for the beter part of a decade, alternately playing founder, choreographer, director, dancer, and collaborateur in numerous projects including Moving Collaborations, Dec-Dance and Deca-Forms. And most of the time she has managed to perform or stage innovative, often improvisational work that has been a critical success and filled the venue to overflowing,

QuickCam photos by Tim Wood.

Designed by Joseph Zitt and Tim Wood for The Data Wranglers.